Black is connected to our unconscious White or light colors signify our conscious mind. Yellow represents our intuition, blue our thinking,
Red our feelings and finally green represents our sensations.


About Masaka

Our business doctrine is represented by our passion for customers, printing and the graphic industry, our know-how, expertise and our full and undivided attention to our customer’s needs.

Technology is constantly progressing and so are we. We are persistently aware of the latest technologies and moving beyond to take advantage of the latest tools and offer comprehensive business solutions that will deliver opportunities for growth.

Mission & Vision

Accelerating the transformation from analog to digital, Masaka transforms unawareness into awareness , awareness into curiosity then curiosity into interest and being there to connect and have a conversation.

Our Values


Masaka is committed to its customers
and partners.

Customer Centric

Our customers are in fact our partners
in success.


For all successful relationships. effort is important, but the results that matters.

Meet the Founder of Masaka

Houssine Chekkar

Houssine Chekkar is the founder of Masaka, with over 20 years of experience within the graphic industry; Houssine started out 20 years ago at Xerox, then he joined HP Indigo in 2008 as Sales leader in North Africa.

For the past 13 years he grew to cover West Africa, Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, UAE regions, but also the French overseas islands; making him a trustworthy advisor at local and regional level.

He is starting a distribution and service network, and building a service network, opening new markets, and ensuring the satisfaction of his first customers.

Our Expertise

In today’s evolving business environment, do not take the risk to wait for the best thing to happen.

If You will wait for the next best thing to happen , it’s risky in today’s evolving business environment

Today’s competitive market requires agility, innovation but most importantly a partner who can help face the day-to-day challenges and raise above them.

Do not wait for maybe….

We take advantage of the fast-growing technology and comprehensive business solutions to deliver the best products and services for our clients enabling them to rapidly grow and reach their goals.


We are focusing on the key application per segments, and we are suggesting a customized End to End solutions which include consulting, workflow, printing solution , and finishing equipment if required , for meeting the customer's needs.

Our Solutions

Digital Printing

The greatest difference between digital printing and conventional printing such as lithography, flexography, gravure, or letterpress is that there is no need to replace printing plates in digital printing, whereas in analog printing the plates are repeatedly replaced…

It also allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround time, and even a modification of the image (variable data) used for each impression. The savings in labor and the ever-increasing capability of digital presses means that digital printing is reaching the point where it can match or supersede conventional printing technology's ability to produce larger print runs at low cost missing.

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Direct Printing

Direct-to-shape (DTS) printing is the highly efficient process of printing full color images and text directly onto cans, bottles, sleeves and other shaped containers for beverage, personal care, and home care products, amongst others.

The ability to print directly onto containers and change designs on-the-fly is a powerful tool. It gives brands the ability to meet consumers' demands for greater choice and allows them to customize product design and messaging and implement creative marketing campaigns. 

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3D Printing

3D printing, is the construction of a three-dimensional object from a CAD model or a digital 3Dmodel. The term "3D printing" can refer to a variety of processes in which material is deposited, joined, or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with material being added together (such as plastics, liquids or powder grains being fused together), typically layer by layer.

One of the key advantages of 3D printing is the ability to produce very complex shapes or geometries that would be otherwise impossible to construct by hand. Fused deposition modeling (FDM), which uses a continuous filament of a thermoplastic material.

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Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is a process of printing on textiles using specialized aqueous ink jet technology. DTG printers typically have a platen designed to hold the garment in a fixed position, and the printer inks are jetted or sprayed onto the textile by the print head.

Since this is a digital process, the print is sharper and has a higher resolution, or DPI, than traditional printing methods such as screen printing. However, unlike screen printing, there is no long setup or clean-up process, and DTG can print just one single shirt for minimal cost.

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A plotter is a printer designed for printing vector graphics. Instead of printing individual dots on the paper, plotters draw continuous lines. This makes plotters ideal for printing architectural blueprints, engineering designs, and other CAD drawings including graphics arts.

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Your graphic display isn't complete once it comes out of the printer. Likely, it still needs to be cut, slit, folded, laminated, assembled, packed, or receive some other finishing touches. This process – the final step between printing and shipping – is known as post-press. A lot of people forget or underestimate the post-press process, but your graphic isn't ready for viewing without it.

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In the printing industry, chillers are used to remove the heat generated by the heated printing rollers due to friction. They also help cooling the paper when it comes out of the ink drying ovens curing the ink along with ultraviolet lamps also for curing purposes. It is cost saving to the printing industry because it is used to regulate temperatures in presses and rollers which helps to the reduction of stretching.

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The optimal consumables provide the best quality and have the longest life pace.

They help lower replacement costs, minimize downtime, and improve productivity they also often reduce cleanup work, save time and money. 

The design, manufacturing process and materials are all characteristics influencing the performance of these consumables. 

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Customer Support

We place customer support, experience and satisfaction as our top priority, main investment, and key success factor.

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